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The Power of Smells: an Invisible Force

The nose ... the center of our face, of our memory, of our emotions. Through smell we understand the essence of things with immediacy, without going through rational elaboration. The sense of smell gives our psyche a memory that remains indelibly with us. The sense of smell gives us the possibility of recognizing things without seeing them and touching them, but capturing the essence, the smell that emanates from them that we will never forget. More than in a photo album, rather than in the memory drawer, our story is a memory of smells.

Perfumes are "impressions" which evoke emotions, they accompany our spirit on broad horizons, they are the first dress that we wear over our skin, they talk about us, they allow us to interact with others, they open the doors of knowledge, leaving an imprint of us that is remembered over time. Perfume has a more convincing persuasive force than words, appearance, feeling and will.

The olfactory sphere is one of the least explored in the world of communication, yet it is central to everyday life: aromas, fragrances, perfumes make us pleasant or not being into a place, create joy and influence our choices, even when we make shopping.

The emotional stimulation of the sense of smell and the diffusion of perfumes inside of environments can substantially contribute in the increasment of customer loyalty, reinforcement of the memory of your brand and enhance your environments, as proven by the more recent studies carried out by experts in cognitive neuro-ergonomics, which revealed that consumers declare to be loyal to a brand, a place, or an object, especially for the emotional aspects that they are able to transmit.

The biggest luxury brands are starting to understand the importance of an environment that is able to gratify the customer, setting the conditions for a pleasant, engaging and meaningful shopping experience, in a totally emotional vision of the spaces, contributing to the progressive shift of interest and expense towards luxurious experiences rather than luxurious products.

"QueLLiDelNaso" was born in 1995, at the dawn of what will later be called emotional marketing, from the passion of our CEO and founder and with the aim of offering concrete solutions that allow the use of fragrances and aromas as an instrument of corporate communication.

The Most Professional Scent Diffusers

The range of our products allows us to offer various solutions for perfuming from small environments, such as stores of all kinds and types, boutiques, waiting rooms, meeting rooms and offices, up to the scent diffusion into large surfaces, such as gyms, clinics and medical studies, cinemas, theaters, cars and motorbikes dealers, lofts, showrooms, airports, stations, metropolitan wagons, busses, trains ... and much more.

If you need more information about scent marketing or environmental perfuming and you are evaluating the use of professional perfumers, essences specifically created to hit the olfactory threshold, air purifiers designed to eliminate bad smells and fragrances developed in order to increase sales opportunities, arouse curiosity, excite and stimulate potential customers, or simply to improve environmental hygiene, giving a sense of cleanliness to the rooms treated with our diffusers, you can comfortably rely on our experts.

But... What is Scent Marketing?

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Scent marketing is an integral part of sensory marketing, which on its turn is a branch of more traditional marketing, which consists into "exploiting" the direct link between the limbic system (the part of the brain that manages emotions) and our sense of smell, in order to create a connection between the products which are placed inside of a store and the fragrance that is breathed around them, for a few moments and in direct proximity to the product which is the subject of the olfactory marketing campaign. Scientific studies prove that the presence of the perfume is able to influence the emotions associated with the product itself, giving most of the time an unconscious and subliminal push towards the potential purchasing action.

Scent marketing creates targeted actions of diffusion of aromas and fragrances that attract the attention of the consumer, in the desired moment, into a chosen place, for the desired duration, in order to generate amazement and memory of the product / brand through the unconscious association that our brain makes between smell and the vision of the product.

The olfactory marketing action takes place using one or more perfume diffusers at a precise and defined time, for a few seconds and in the proximity of a product.

If you smell around yourself or look on the we, you would probably find al lot of example of scent marketing, made over time by companies like ours, which was one of the pioneers of this marketing technique in Italy. In fact, we deal with odor marketing and environmental perfuming made with professional tools since 1995.

...Which is the difference between Scent Marketing and Environmental Perfuming?

Environmental perfuming, also known as olfactory decor is part of sensorial marketing, just like scent marketing, but it does NOT create a direct relationship between product and consumer with direct actions of short duration in time, BUT aims to create the right atmosphere within the perfumed environment. The difference between scent marketing and environmental perfuming could be assumed as the following:

The introduction of perfumes inside of environments has different targets, aimed at improving the multisensory sensations and impact aroused by the fragrant environment on whoever enters it. The fragrances released within an environment can be used to relax customers, stimulate the senses making them more active, to increase the permanence, facilitate sales processes or even to be remembered, characterizing every single store with the same fragrance, creating the so-called olfactory logo. A correct environmental fragrance can contribute to strengthening the reception processes and put at ease those who enter your store, medical or dental office, office, hotel, gym ..., stimulating your emotions and senses, positively influencing your perception environment and increasing the desire to return.

Perfuming an environment, finding the right fragrance and creating the correct perception is not a simple thing. Before choosing the supplier it is necessary to take into due consideration some precise guidelines, since the fragrances propagated in the environments, must necessarily have the requisites, in the respect of the European laws. Unfortunately not all the suppliers are certified and many install into the rooms fragrance systems of "dubious origin" that spread non-compliant fragrances in the air. But to spread fragrances, it is necessary to protect first of all the people who "live" the spaces, without risking to create problems for their health.

Over the twenty years of experience QueLLiDelNaso have been able to stand out as professionals in the fields of environmental perfuming and of olfactory marketing, always acquiring avant-garde tools and exclusive fragrances that respect the rules that protect health.

QueLLiDelNaso by LLsolutions - profumazione ambientale

Our Fragrances

The most important peculiarity of all our fragrance diffusion systems is undoubtedly quality. Only QueLLiDelNaso are able to perfume the air of your rooms with professional tools and fragrances registered at National Institute of Health and certified at European level.

IFRA logo

Our collection of fragrances is designed to satisfy different product sectors and comply with the IFRA (International Fragrance Association), an international organization created and financed by cosmetic, perfume and multinational companies, with the dual purpose of keeping a documentation on cases of allergic reactions to fragrances and analyzing raw materials for ensure the quality of the fragrances themselves before they will go on the market.

IFRA conducts tests on both raw materials and finished fragrances: possible effects of photosensitivity, skin toxicity and allergy. The tests conducted are very strict and the parameters are rather limiting, precisely to ensure that lending companies can invest in their new products in an absolutely safe way.

Thanks to these shrewdness and the research and development conducted on our perfume diffusers you can easily rely on our "cures" and perfume any type of environment with simplicity, making it more welcoming and stimulating. In addition to standard perfumes, we create custom fragrances, thanks to the know-how acquired in our twenty years of experience.

If you want to learn more about scent marketing and environmental perfuming and you want to exploit the subliminal power of perfumes to make your pleasant environments and retain your customers

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