Easystand - Modular Stands for Fairs and Events. LL. Little and Large Solutions Srl UnipersonaleEASYSTAND The most friendly, do-it-yourself modular stand for fairs and events.

LL. Little and Large Solutions, a leading company in the construction of event stands, fair stands, modular stands and fittings for shops, showcases and events, after years of research and "on-truck" experience, has decided to select the best modular stand solutions on the display market with the purpose of providing its customers with a range of products with infinite potential and incredible ease of assembly.

The purpose of creating the Easystand modular structure line is to facilitate anyone who is faced with a trade show or in the set-up of an own space for a shop or shop window, helping them to build themselves, exactly as they do with "Lego", solutions with a high visual impact and infinite combinations, very fast to assemble, full of accessories, easy to implement and above all transformable and reusable, to always "move with the times", saving time, effortless and costless.

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QueLLiDelNaso - scent marketing and professional environmental perfuming by LL. Little and Large Solutions

Q | QueLLiDelNaso® The Scent Marketing Website.

QueLLiDelNaso was born in 1995 as an LL. Little and Large Solutions brand and very soon rank among the leading experts in scent marketing and environmental perfuming in Italy.

The mission of our olfactory division is to create perfumes that are created to attract the consumer, stimulating the emotional processes that favor the propensity to purchase and the increase in the average receipt, the well-being of the customer and the increase in the stay inside scented environment. We are specialized in scent marketing and environmental fragrances, we work in the field of odor marketing, sensorial marketing and fragrance in general, offering specialized and highly certified solutions. We also deal with sales, installation and positioning of fragrance diffusers and professional environmental perfumers.

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AIRsteril - ozone purifiers and air purifiers with photocatalytic germicidal action for better air quality by LL. Little and Large Solutions

AIRsteril - The best, safest and innovative photocatalytic technology for odours and infections control

The correct cleaning and hygiene of your house, or of the professional and public environments also passes by the quality of the air that people can breath inside them. Keeping high hygienic standards and clean air inside of the rooms is essential if you want to give the right image of your company and safeguard the health of those who occupy the rooms, eliminating the unpleasant smells which often risk to invade bathrooms, closed rooms, hotel rooms, hospital or nursing homes, gym locker rooms or particular environments such as supermarkets cold stores, food storage areas or the fishmonger's department of your shop...

LL. Little and Large Solutions has started an exclusive collaboration with AIRSteril, the leading British company in air treatment, which for over twenty years has been producing technologically advanced solutions for odor abatement and infection control. The ideal tools to carry out environmental sanitization without using chemical agents or consumables and to prevent infections and bacterial contaminations that risk to be dangerous for your health and the one of your customers or employees.

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