Easystand Modular Trusses by llsolutions.itEASYSTAND Modular Trusses by LLsolutions.it

The No-Tool Needed, Do-It-Yourself Custom Stands for Fairs and Events

Easystand is the LL. Little and Large Solutions Srl exclusive line of modular trusses for exhibitions and events.

With the Easystand division, LL. Little and Large Solutions offers a range of extremely innovative products: a whole family of modular structures thanks which we have used to revolutionize the world of stands for fairs and promotional events since the last 10 years.

Inside it you can find 3 modular trussing structures looking as the "famous" and just known trusses which are commonly used from stand-builders, which are different in size and section, but have two greatest peculiarities, which distinguish them from all the other DIY stand solutions that you can find on the market: the easy handling (they are light and easy to be transported, as well as robust and resistant) and the extreme ease of assembly, which we can define "child-proof"...

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The no-tool assembling of Easystand modular trusses, in addition to drastically reducing set-up times, allows to save money and to optimize the staff which was normally employed for set-up, or to preserve you from costs that you were entrusting to third parties in the past. Finally you can quickly and easily build up your stand for events, because with Easystand even a child can do it!

The Easystand line includes 3 modular patented modular trussing structures that allow you to set up and design infinite solutions for event stands and custom stands, up to the design and production of entire exhibition halls.

The advantages of the Easystand modular structures are innumerable and can certainly be translated into a considerable saving of time and money. The versatility and lightness of the truss modules, the reduction of set-up times and the simplicity of assembly of the modules, will allow you to better organize your trade fairs, your events, your in-store promotional activities. With your Easystand custom-made stands, you will be also able assemble scenographies, pop-up walls, museum displays or exhibition and meeting solutions, to design modular shop-in-shop spaces or product displays for indoor and outdoor.

You will not throw away anything and you will be able to re-use the purchased pieces whenever you want, you will be able to start with few modules and then grow over time, you will be free to remodulate, recombine and add (or remove) new pieces and accessories whenever you want and assemble each solution simply with your hands.

Each Easystand custom modular stand is:


light and manageable

easy to build

convertible in new solutions


implementable and enlargeable

easy to carry and store

customizable with accessories

cheap and convenient

And above all

is assembled by you, simply with your hands!

Custom stands easier than Legos, only imagination is the limit

Easystand modular trusses are the natural evolution of traditional "American" trusses. They're made with world patented systems and differ from the American aluminum ones in different aspects, even if their greatest peculiarity lies in the assembling simplicity: our modular structures can in fact be assembled exclusively using your hands, without any tool.

Their building materials are aluminum and plastic composites, available in two standard colours: black or white, which are obtained directly from the plastic matrix of the trusses, which are not painted, to prevent scratches from spoiling the color. Due to their materials, Easystand modular structures are much lighter than tradiotional aluminum trusses, but they are also strong and durable.

Easystand is also "color version"! If you want, can ask for custom colour solutions, on a scale of over 100 shades.

All these small but fundamental features make the family of modular structures Easystand an extremely innovative product line.

Three modular stand structures created for each type of use

Easystand product line hold 3 different modular trussing structures:

Strutture mosulari stand per fiere  Easystand by LLsolutions.it - struttura a traliccio X15

The advantages of the Easystand modular structures called X10, X15 and X20 are a moltitude and can be translated into a big saving of time and money. The versatility and lightness of the modular trusses, the stand-building time reduction and the assembling simplicity of components and accessories, will let you organize all your events and exhibitions in the best way, allowing you to think more about the promotion of your brand and less about all the "flaws" associated with setting up.

Endless Setting Up Possibilities

There are infinite set-up possibilities for the modular structures for stands and events called Easystand, similar to those you could have with a real "adulthood LEGO". The white or black trusses that make up the modular stands can be covered with different materials, creating rigid or flexible walls, leaving the trusses visible, or completely hiding them, depending on your needs and on the various occasions.

Just change some accessories or recombine the pieces that you still have to get a new and different solution every time you want.

If you want to create a custom-made stand, or if you're searching for a modular and easy-to-assemble solution to create 100% customized fittings

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