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One name, 1000 Warranties

"We are a young and dynamic company, created to give concrete and effective answers to market demands. We offer solutions for small and large corporate communication, giving a contribution of expertise and innovation in the projects in which we are involved. The road we have taken is to communicate simply and clearly, creating display solutions of great value."

LLsolutions was born in the early nineties as a digital printing company specialized in in-store solutions and company gadgets, but over time it began to make its way onto the market by entering into very specific sectors, with its main theme in using innovation at the service of corporate communication.

Hence the evolution in more specific and sought-after sectors, which led us to the production and promotion of unique products, which make us a "glamour" reality, on which you can refer to find different, innovative, easy to use and high aesthetic visual and sensorial solutions.

We have been operating for over 10 years in the area of point of sale and exhibitions, where we design and create concrete solutions for the "world" of events, showrooms, shops and exhibition stands, with the line of modular american structures for events called Easystand, one of fastest and easiest self-assembling solutions on the Italian market.

Furthermore, with the QueLLiDelNaso brand we are among the pioneers of scent marketing and communication in Italy. We have been offering to our customers environmental perfuming solutions with highly professional tools since 1995. Recently we started a collaboration of exclusivity with the British brand of molecular air purifiers called AIRsteril identifying another interesting sector in air purification, odor control and indoor pollution prevention, to propose them to people like us, who are attentive to the environment in which we live and the air we breathe.

A Hi-Level Staff with a Well-defined Mission

Thanks to our team-work composed of dynamic and enterprising young people, constantly looking for innovations and solutions to propose to companies, we have made LL. Little and Large Solutions one of the most dynamic companies in the field of tailor-made stand fitting for trade shows, showrooms, shops, corners and advertising exhibitors.

We have brought news such as sensorial marketing at high levels and chosen to import from the UK the most technological solutions for air purification, because we deem to always be one step ahead, making LL. Little and Large Solutions, a trusted partner able to grasp even the smallest needs of our interlocutors, working in synergy with companies and designers to provide the most effective and suitable answers for both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for larger companies. All basing our choices and proposals on the values that have always distinguished us: experience, avant-garde, concreteness and seriousness.

Our reality is made up of highly motivated people, able to carry out "exhibition projects" designed to satisfy as much as possible the needs of every customer who relies on our "care". We offer technology and tradition, speed and precision and a good relationship between quality and price.

We Use our Brains to Give You a Hand

LL. Little and Large Solutions has always been a creative company, but at the same time extremely concrete. Our mission is to offer our customers solutions to communicate "sustainable" both from the realization point of view and from the economic one. For years we have been a point of reference in the field of various types of display systems, such as event stands, trade fair stands, modular stands, new generation trusses, event sets, floor displays, pop up displays, advertising displays, modular advertising gazebos , but also promotional desks, resettable advertising totems and everything you need to be able to make the promotion within fairs and sales points a simpler, but at the same time impactful and profitable activity.

For company policy, our products must be: simple to use, exclusive, quick and easy to assemble, easily transportable, durable.

The multi-sensory application of marketing always fascinated us and for this reason the birth of QueLLiDelNaso took place out of passion rather than profit, initially no one believed that olfactory marketing and the using fragrances inside of the shops would take hold, but the time and quality of the our products have proved us right!

Now we have the last "challenge", which is protecting those we love from pathogens that contaminate our environments, the air we breathe at home or at work and the surfaces of the environments in which we live every day. And we do it using safe and technologically advanced air purification units, without filters or consumables, guaranteeing effectiveness against odors and in infections control, with sustainability and low energy consumption.

An innovative reality of us ... a sparkling but thoughtful company, where the last tendencies are proposed only if they really represent a change and not such a simple "trend".

If you want to create a custom-made stand, if you are looking for a modular and easy-to-assemble solution to create 100% customized fittings,
if you want the best of scent marketing or if you're curious to discover what molecular air purifiers are

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